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Q: What is it good for?
A: It's good for you my friend. If you have walk in traffic, it's great. Make sure your customer gets a copy of your very interesting and readable newspaper. It's fine for mailing, for clubs, restaurants, all sorts of businesses, churches, organizations....You name it. You can even sell ad space to help pay for it, and people will thank you for doing them a favor. We are still finding new reasons, but we have a lot of work ahead of us. There are a lot of them out there! Let your imagination be our guide!

Q: What size is the newspaper?
A: It is 113/8 X 13.5 inches. The easiest way to get the feel for it is to grab your ruler and lay it out.

Q: Can you make it larger or smaller?
A: This is the size we work with.

Q: What is the texture of the paper?
A: It is newspaper paper. It is not only cheaper, but also, it's....more homey...more subtle than an expensive slick finish. It is excellent for its use.

Q: Do you do the whole thing?
A: Yes and no. I do as much as you like, but you must be prepared to give me the information I need to do it. You may write it all, or give an outline. At the least, we should agree on a theme and the goals you have for it. The more you can tell, the better.
* See more at the bottom of this column!...

Q: How do I know how much to write?
A: I will provide that information. If you have a word processor, you're in business!

Q: So, to have my best product, it needs to be a collaborative project?
A: Yes. The first edition is the hardest. The next one will be much easier for all.

Q: How do I get to see a copy before it goes to the printer?
A: I will make screen shots for you. You can follow along from the comfort of your office as the project takes shape. I'll post the shots daily..maybe even several times a day as we go along. This gives you MUCH greater control than you could possibly have in town using the printer down the street! Would you like to see a sample?
Check this out...Click now please...  Sample Screen Shot

Q: How about pictures and logos and things like that?
A: Scan them at 150dpi and email them to me....or...you can mail them to me and I'll do it and return them. (With the standard disclaimer about lost mail, etc.)

Q: Explain the color thing please.
A: Ok. The standard format we do includes one large sheet which folds down to 4 pages, measuring
113/8 X 13.5 inches each. The front and back of your newspaper is printed in black ink only. The inside can be in one, two, or full color. Full color allows you to have full color photographs, for instance. If you choose one or two colors, say, blue and red, then it's used for emphasis here and there.

Q: Can you make variations on your color scheme?
A: Yes indeed. We'll make it full color front and back if you wish. Ask, and we'll price it out. The same goes for one and two color.

Q: Do I even need color?
A: It depends. For a historical look...no. Otherwise, people love color. Let your imagination guide us. Color doesn't cost that much more.

Q: Are the standard rates really standard?
A: Sure are! You only pay more if we do more. For example, if you need a logo designed, then that will cost you. Scanning a business card would not. In other words, if something needs heavy design work, we will charge extra. The way to avoid this is to keep it simple and provide as much camera ready artwork as possible. Also expect to pay the going rate for mail and shipping. We don't charge for our time to box up your newspapers and going to the post office, but we do charge for the boxes. If you deliver scanner ready pictures and ready to go text, you pay the standard charge. I'll work with you to help you get ready to send us the stuff and save money.

Q: Tell me about payment.
A: Couldn't be more simple. Pay the agreed upon make up charge up front. After you approve the final printer version, send the agreed upon printing cost plus any extra for additional agreed upon graphics work and we print and ship.

Q: What kind of operation are you running? My question is not here!
A: That is what email is for. The phone is nice, but you are now in the word business. Use email. We answer our mail, and we don't keep you waiting. Send your questions to us pronto! 
ovgraphicdesigns@bellsouth.net .

How it is done! Getting ready for print!

    Something to consider: Is this a one time deal where the editor does most of the work....or is it an ongoing collaborative project? Below find information aimed mostly at the latter...   

     Our work is accomplished over the internet using email, which is a very smart and elegant solution.
     As the editor, my job is to put text with pictures that you supply in a form the printer can use. Your job is to deliver usable text and pictures. Therefore you need to be conversant with word processor and photo applications. Ergo: Word and Photoshop.
     The first thing we do is to agree on the format of your front page using your design or using sample templates that I will provide for you to choose from. We will also decide, in general, the look of the rest of the pages...how many columns...etc.
     Then, we decide how many pages your newspaper will have, and what pages will receive color and what kind. (If any.)
     The general layout will be ready before we proceed.
     Work in progress will be posted online for your review, comments, and correction. It's easy, fast, and as simple as clicking your mouse button.
     When the design is settled you will provide the text which I will post, along with your pictures.
     A whole other issue is graphics. The preferred (and most cost effective) method is for you provide the camera ready artwork for ads, etc. Graphic work done by the editor is charged separately and at a higher rate, depending on the complexity. If you intend to do the ads yourself, you need to have your graphics people ready to go on your end. Composing the newspaper can take far less time than working up graphic ads. This is a very important issue to take into consideration.
     On the whole, particularly if this is an ongoing effort, before beginning, you should thoroughly understand the mechanics of putting together a newspaper. I will assist you in every way possible, but in this team effort, common sense dictates that you must possess a working knowledge of your end before beginning.
     The first edition is the hardest. After that, it just gets better issue after issue!


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